Cinkuotos lentynų sistemos didesniems svoriams – MT

Company "ALL FOR SHOPS AND WAREHOUSES" offers galvanized warehouse shelving system - MT, which is designed for heavy loads. These shelves are suitable for a wide range of usage: in warehouses, archives, offices, working spaces, car services, stores, garages, etc.

Detailed specifications catalog

Available in stock:

Upright Lenght of shelves Depth of shelves
H-2000 L-1000 D-300 mm
H-3000 L-1150 D-400 mm
    D-500 mm
    D-600 mm

Height of uprights available from 2 till 7 m.

Lenght of shelves from 55 till 150 cm.

Depth of shelves from 30 till 100 cm.

Capacity from 30 till 400 kg on each level of shelves.

Wide range of accessories are available..

Also we are offering delivery and installation services; costs depend on the size of the order and the location.